What are the features of betting on hockey?

If we consider hockey as a betting sport, then the following important features stand out.
There are a lot of events in the line, but this phenomenon has a seasonality. There is little hockey in the summer, in July there is a real lull when even friendly matches are not held. With the onset of August, games begin to appear in the bookmaker’s line, and only in May everything gradually subsides.
A large number of hockey strategies: in every sport, you can find patterns of action and trends, and there are almost more of them in hockey than in any other sport. Both mathematical and financial strategies and specialized adaptations of game tactics for hockey matches are well suited.

The ability to view matches online and place stakes as the game progresses. Hockey is a dynamic sport in which changes during the match can happen too quickly. It is important to follow the match and understand the approximate development of the match. If you follow only the movements of the odds in the line, knowledge about the game will not be enough.

High odds: in matches of equal teams, each team is given a coefficient higher than two for a clear victory. With the right analytics, the bettor will be able to understand whose chances of winning are higher.

What are the types of bets?

The following types of bets can be found in the line of the bookmaker company and the additional list for a hockey match:

  • The outcome of the match. It can be determined both in a regular time of the match and taking into account overtime and shootout. In the line, this moment must be indicated – two categories of painting are created: for regular time and for a match, taking into account OT and shootouts. In this case, in the first case, you can place stakes on three events – W1, X, and W2, and if we take into account the extra time, then only the winner of the game is determined – W1 or W2;
  • Total. It is common for a match or for a specific period. There are totals for time intervals – for example, from the 1st to the 10th minute, from the 11th to the 20th, etc. Also in the list, there are individual totals – the effectiveness of a particular team. You can also bet for a period or for the entire match;
  • Handicap. This is the score gap between the teams. As in the case of totals, stakes can be made for the entire match or a specific segment. Handicaps are European – integer – and Asian: fractional. An example of a European handicap: H1 (-2); F2 (0). The Asian handicap looks like this: H1 (+3.25); F2 (-1.5);
  • Next goal. A particularly popular bet in hockey, since this sport is effective and zero draws are almost impossible in it. The essence of the stake is that the bettor must guess which team will score next. The outcome is available in live mode, and during the game, you can catch high odds on it. You can place bets both for the entire game and for a specific period.

What expert tips are the most useful?

In hockey betting, it is important not to rely on a specific game model. Analytics and a thorough analysis of each game on which a bet is supposed to be the main component of a hockey bettor’s success.
Select a specific tournament for analysis. So the player will be able to better understand the tendencies and intricacies of the championship, as well as in a short time to learn well the specifics of the game of each participating team.
At the same time, it is better to first bypass more complex and unpredictable tournaments – for example, the NHL. Despite the fact that this league is the most popular in the world, it is extremely difficult to analyze any match in it, and this requires deep knowledge.
Pay attention to the beginning of the KHL. This tournament in Russia is well covered by the media, so the bettor will be able to constantly be aware of everything that is happening with the teams. At the same time, the broadcasts of matches will always be available for players, and this makes it possible to more thoroughly understand the actions of the teams. Consequently, players will be able to see changes in the game and react to them in a timely manner by making bets.

Some popular questions

At what minute is it better to bet in hockey?
The time for making a bet is not limited for players – you can place bets up to the final siren. The bettors determine the specific period for entering the game independently, depending on the course of the game.

What are the odds for hockey betting?
Hockey bets are characterized by a wide variety of quotes. The assessment of the probability of the passage of events in each game is made in different ways, as a result of which there is a difference in the value of quotes even for the same matches in different bookmakers.

Where is the best place to bet on hockey?
Bookmaker companies are trying to make the optimal line for hockey matches due to the high popularity of competitions among players. You can choose the most suitable service for yourself from the list of the best companies in order to subsequently place bets on it.

How to beat the bookmaker in hockey betting?
To make profitable hockey stakes, it is important for players not only to have rigorous game and money management strategies but also to be well versed in game discipline and be able to conduct a professional analysis of each game.

How do I bet on the correct hockey score?
Scoring accurately in hockey is the most unpredictable type of event. It is dangerous to bet on it because the performance in hockey is high. It is important to correctly analyze the attacking and defensive capabilities of the teams, to determine the motivation of the clubs, and to correlate these parameters with the physical form.