What is hockey betting?

Hockey is played by two sides, each of which consists of forwards, defenders and a goalkeeper. In order to give teammates a little rest, reserve players periodically go out on the ice. Generally, there are three periods, the duration of which is 20 minutes. The side that scores the most goals into the opponents’ goal wins.
Hockey is a team sport. It’s no secret that stakes on such sports, including hockey, have minimal risks than on individual sports. It is difficult to argue with the assertion that it is much easier to predict the victory or defeat of a friendly team than to predict the outcome of a competition in tennis.

How to evaluate the match outcome for betting?

Some actions enable you to correctly assess the win chances of each team:

  • A detailed study of the favorites of the game. It’s no secret that the underdogs have a chance of winning over the favorites only if there are unforeseen difficulties in the leading side. For example, for some reason the main player is absent or a substitute goalkeeper will appear on the ice. In this case, you can place stakes on outsiders or on a plus handicap.
  • Thorough study of the underdog. For example, on a team that is clearly considered an outsider, a leading player falls ill or goes on the ice after a serious injury. This means that the players are guaranteed to play worse than usual. Bettors, having calculated such a development of the situation, can gamble on the total or on the handicap.
  • Remember, in the NHL, the focus is on the show. In this case, total stakes will play great. But in the KHL you should play on handicap. This is due to the fact that in the Kontinental Hockey League teams put more emphasis on defense than offense.
  • A serious decrease in the strength and confidence of the team players is when the coach is changed. Here the situation can develop in several ways. If the coach has been replaced in the underdog side, then the handicappers must place a high minus head start on the leading side. Otherwise, if the substitution is observed in the team of the favorite, then it is better to bet on the handicap or on the total.

For beginners who decide to make their first stake in hockey, it is recommended to use a demo account or a free bet. This strategy will allow you to gain the necessary experience and save your money from loss.
The smartest and most expedient hockey gambling behavior is described by the percentage division strategy. It is a dividing of your budget into two parts: reserve and active. But for a significant increase in the initial amount and the size of the bet must be appropriate.