China is allowed to take part in Olympic’s hockey tournament

Ice hockey is a rough sport. However, there are lots of distinct rules to follow, lots of doping scandals can be found in the sphere. Such issues may be both of a small, like amateour, and of a big scale, for instance, of international standing.
Despite the still present uncertain situation, it has been announced that the Chinese men’s field hockey team will play in Beijing, although it might be disqualified, states in .
In a statement posted on the organization’s website, the IIHF and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association will cooperate to let national team players participate in games on 15th and 17th of November. While the Federation uses this as the way to assess the team’s performance status ahead of Beijing, the CIHA is still elaborating the rules of eligibility status.
China is eligible to take part in the Olympics as it hosts them. But immediately after the state hosted the 2015 Olympics, questions arose as to whether or not they would be taken in. The country is currently ranked 32nd in the IIHF rankings, so it’s a very powerful national team in the field. Nobody knows how things will be moving, but for now the situation seems to be dealt with.

Source: the hockey news